Friday, June 25, 2010

An Incredible Little Fish

While I was at trial, Sammie B had her first swim lesson! Many people (including our PT) had recommended acquatic therapy for Sam, because being in the water helps with body awareness and movement, but we weren't able to find any "aquatic therapists" in our area. We did, however, find a swim teacher that has worked with several kiddos with CP and MD, so we knew she'd have good ideas about how to use swimming to help with movement. We've heard some pretty cool stories about how kids learn to move themselves in the water long before they can do so on land. Sam loves the water, so we were eager to see how swimming lessons might help her! Moving in the water (without feeling like she's fighting gravity the way low-tone kids do) will both allow her to get the idea of what movement feels like AND help her build strength in her arms and legs from kicking/paddling.

And this week, I was there for Sam's third swim lesson, and I watched with tears in my eyes. For a little girl that seems so unmotivated to move on land, she moved herself around the pool like a little fishy. Paddling with her arms, kicking and just grinning from ear to ear (mostly making sure Papa was watching!) . . . it was truly incredible, and she seemed so very very proud of herself. This is going to be super fun for all of us, and I'm sure it won't be the last time I cry during a swim lesson. Our sweet Bean is a fish!

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