Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Letter to My Bean

I've been a little MIA in blogland and in life as of late, for reasons I don't have the energy to go into . . . but will eventually. For now, I'm traveling for work, and feeling weepy and homesick, and its time for a letter to my Sweet Sweet Bean.

Dear Bean:

I miss you! I just left yesterday, and I will see you again (you and Dada are meeting me here in Chicago) in only two days, so its a short time, but I MISS YOU. And, I sit here, alone in my hotel room, thinking that maybe I'm weird. Maybe MOST newish moms would be relishing in the "alone" time (even though I'm working non-stop), the long showers, room service, and a bed all to myself, but then I realize, I'm just not "most" new moms I guess, and you certainly aren't "most" beans!!!

And THIS mama REALLY misses you and would (in a heartbeat) trade the big king-sized bed all to herself, the room service (even the wagyu beef daddy would be so jealous of!), etc. just to be home eating some frozen gluten-free (of course) chicken nuggets with my sweet Bean.

One thing that gets me through is getting pictures of your sweet face from your wonderful nanny, who I KNOW you LOVE and ADORE (and she LOVES and ADORES you, which makes being a working mama a teeny bit easier). These pictures arrive periodically on my blackberry, in the middle of meetings, and my heart smiles. I am here working, and you, my sweet Bean are home, working:

and playing (while pseudo-working - that's a fabulous sidesit my lady!):

and simply exuding sweetness:

I miss you. And I can't wait to share my hotel bed with you and dada on Friday. I love you. Lots and Lots and all over the place.


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