Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today, several times, I just found myself amazed by the sweetness that Sammie B exudes. She's SUCH a cuddly, lovable little girl. For awhile now, when we hold her, we've been able to say "hug mama," or "hug dada" and she would put her head on our shoulders and squeeze a little, but lately, she does it on her own, and my heart MELTS every time. Even better is when she throws a "mah - mah" in with it. Sweet girl. There's nothing better. Nothing. She also semi-recently has started reaching up when she wants us to pick her up, or reaching to whoever she wants to hold her. The best. Not only are these moments wonderful and sweet -- they also show that she's figuring out how to use her body to tell us what she wants . . . which because of the low tone (motor planning?), has been slower to come to her. So, my heart melts on so many many levels when she hugs me in her sweet, gentle way and when she reaches for me to pick her up. May I never forget those sweet moments or her sweet sweet giggles (which are also plentiful lately!).

January was a rough rough month (the Year of the Bean started out rough! BOO . . . may the next eleven months be BETTER!). With the stress of the MRI (though obviously, fabulous news of normal results), I was a disaster, and every area of my life suffered. My billables were terribly low (40 hours of mandatory yet NON-BILLABLE training doesn't help that either) and now I'm going into February feeling behind the game . . . and HATING that February is a SHORT month. So, I need need need to find my focus this month and somehow someway run full steam ahead on work. I'm going into the office tomorrow to (hopefully) get a running start, but I always feel so sad to have to work a weekend day when I could be spending it with my sweet little family. Such is life I suppose. My Tuesdays "off" are also shot for February, both because of my low billables in January and the need to make those up and because we have a family trip planned for mid-February, so I'll be taking three days off then . . .

Good-bye January, Hello February . . . Please bring us lots of joy and happiness and love and a wee less stress and anxiety. Thanks much.

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Rayne of Terror said...

January was bad for me too. At least my boys were sweet and lovey. Here's to February, a short month with lots of holidays.