Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One BIG Love

We've expanded our bedtime song repertoire. I don't always sing to Sammie at night when I rock her, only when she needs help relaxing. But when that happens, I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (mostly because it was literally the only kid song I knew all the right words to before she was born). When try to joke or change up words, she whines. One night when I was singing it to her, and changed the words, she whined and B said, "don't change it. those words comfort her." Realizing that made me FEEL like such a mommy (in a most fabulous way).

Anyway, I've thrown a new song into the mix, and she likes it. We play these lullaby rendition cds for her each night for bedtime. ( Anyway, my favorite is the Bob Marley rendition. And now, I've added my own words to the instrumental version of "One Love."

One Love
Mom, Dad and Sammie have one big love.

That's it . . . those are all the words, but I like them. And so does she. Sweet girl.

(Have I mentioned I can't carry a tune? Sweet Sammie will someday be saying "MOM STOP SINGING" but for now, she likes it, and I like that.)

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