Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Cheer (finally!)

Despite my earlier blog, I'm finding it hard not to be hopeful and happy tonight, on Christmas Eve. After working a little this morning, we've had a nice, relaxing family day, including dinner out (I decided this year, I'd rather spend all my spare time playing, not cooking so we are eating out tomorrow too!) After dinner, we all put on our matching Cmas jammies (unfortunately, we couldn't find matching ones for Sam this year, but we made it work!) and opened ONE present. We had a nice evening!

We couldn't get a good picture of Sammie B sitting under the tree because she was way too distracted by the presents:

Her super cute jammies ("What Santa Doesn't Bring Me Grandma Will" which is perfect because my parents arrive in three days for a belated Cmas celebration):

Brian picked one gift to be opened tonight (I wrapped them so he picks!)

B and Bean sat and stared at the new toy while I ran to the store and got batteries (we have TONS of batteries here, but no Ds!):

And finally, our family picture:

And now, we flash back to last year:

And because I love these comparisons, here's last year just before we went to see Santa and this year before seeing Santa:

She was just a PEA last year, and now she's a LITTLE GIRL. These pictures blow me away. What a year!

Looking at these pictures really reminds me that this year has been filled with so much joy and love. So tonight, I hang up my worries and fears for the holiday, and enjoy some quality time with my wonderful little family. So, here's to wishing and hoping, and above all, loving. Merry Christmas!

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Elisa said...

Amen sister! I love you! Merry Christmas!