Friday, December 18, 2009

And All Are Well Again

Despite a crummy "when it rains it pours" kind of week (literally AND figuratively) things are returning to normal at our house. Sammie B was a little under the weather from Saturday until Tuesday. Her fever never got very high (99.5) but she just wasn't herself. She was a bit tired, a little weaker than her norm, and a lot whiny. And then Tuesday, in OT, she just had a rough time. She cried and whined through ALL of it. I think its probably b/c our OT scratched Sam's head with her watch at the beginning of the session, so things just got off on the wrong foot between the two of them, BUT, I called our doctor. She wasn't concerned, and said to give it 24 hours to see if she was back to normal. I waited and worried (per my usual) and decided to call Wednesday morning and get an appointment because I'd feel better if her pediatrician saw her. I had to bail on a work conference call but we went to the doctor Wednesday (after what was surprisingly a great PT session at our house that morning). . . and the doctor said Sammie B was a-okay. Probably just had a little bug OR maybe got a little symptomatic from her swine flu shot last week AND she's teething like mad. So, that explains the tired, the whiny, the weak, and the waking up during the night.

In the midst of the sickies though, we had LOTS of great cuddly moments, since our Bean was so so tired, she needed lots of snuggles. We loved them!

Wednesday night, I was determined that this little Bean was going to get TONS of sleep and sleep off her ailments. . . so I gave her teething tablets, and B took her to bed with him while I stayed up and worked. When I got to bed, they were sleeping nose to nose with her hand on his cheek. Melted.My.Heart. I tried to snap a picture, but this is what I got (an irritated dada and no-good-but-funny-nonetheless picture!):

Good stuff. As I climbed into bed, I took off my glasses and laid them on the night stand next to her tiny purple ones, and climbed into bed with B and Bean. And my heart smiled. Big.

And, IT WORKED. Sammie B slept 13 hours straight and woke up a NEW BEAN . . . back to her old self. She woke up smiling and happy and had a great day with our nanny. They also went to their music class together, and this was the first one where Sammie B joined in on the clapping. Pretty stinking cute! (Wish I'd been there!).

On the work front, things are still a bit nuts. Which means, I haven't put up a Christmas tree YET (will I?). . . sigh. I'm also having a love-hate relationship with the "flexibility" offered by modern technology. We can now forward our office phones to our cells; we have blackberries; etc. So, the up shot of this is that I can take my Bean to the doctor on a Wednesday morning and still manage a filing by berry, but the DOWNSIDE is that I'm feeling lately like I'm never "off." That even while sitting at the doctor with my sick little Bean, I don't have 100% of me to give to her (and she deserves that) because this part of me (say maybe 5%) is "at work" -- checking the blackberry, taking calls, etc. It made me grumpy and sad. BUT, at the same time, I know I'm lucky to have the type of job where I can do this . . . I didn't have to call in "sick" or lose pay to take her to the doctor, I just did it. AND, as B reminded me, I COULD have let our nanny take her and I could have gone to work . . . but that's NOT who I am. It's not the mom I am. If she's sick, I WANT to be the one at the doctor with her, and I'll do anything to be there. Maybe eventually, I'll learn to let go a little, but to be honest, I'm just not sure that's who I am.

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