Sunday, July 5, 2009

On the Eve of Surgery

Tomorrow is Sam's strabismus surgery. We have to be at Children's Hospital at 6:30 am -- because she's so little (and we can't feed her in the am), she's the first surgery of the day. I am, of course, all "angsty" which I know is not a word, but its how a feel! I am keeping things in perspective . . . this is a relatively minor, extremely common, out-patient surgery. But, its surgery on my baby nonetheless, so of course I'm freaking out a bit, as is B. I doubt either one of us will sleep much tonight, and I know we are in for a rough few days as Miss Sammie B gets through the recovery. But, we'll get through it.

Not much else to blog about . . . we've been doing really well . . . our little team. Sammie seems to be getting stronger every day. Our nanny is fabulous, and obviously cares about our Bean so so much. Sam is truly blossoming in her care (including clapping once for our nanny and her mom who met Sam and is in love too!!). . . the little bugger won't clap for us, but she clapped for them!!! And, all of this makes us so so happy. We couldn't be happier that we made the decision to go the nanny route, and are so greatful that our nanny found her way into our lives.

We had a good fourth of July (B's parents were here and we walked to the ocean to watch fireworks over the water -- Sammie B loved them!) . . . I'm struck by the changes in our lives in the last year. Last 4th, I was so so pregnant, and I remember waddling over to the fireworks and having to walk back slowly and being a little out of breath. . . . now this year the Bean was with us!!! Watching the fireworks in total wide-eyed wonder. I look around our house . . . the house we moved into just over a year ago, and the little baby things scattered everywhere make me so so happy. Today I was working in the office, and noticed next to my computer our "Little Lamb" book and couldn't help but smile. . . .we love our Bean and all the wonderful things she brings to our house and our lives.

Just a few pics above from the last week --- the first is from the fireworks (it was cold by the ocean so we were wearing warm clothes); the second is from tonight when little Bean took a cat nap on mommy; the third is from when she sat for B for OVER 10 minutes; the fourth is her giving herself her bottle; and the last is another cute sitting shot . . . she's still tripoding, but getting better and better about it every single day. Little Bean is making progress.

Tomorrow will not be fun. But, we'll make it through it, and this day will really just be but a blip in the life story of Sammie B . . . in the story of the FABULOUS Sammie B :o)

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