Monday, July 6, 2009

Strabismus Surgery - Check!

Little Bean looked SO cute in her hospital jammies. And, we made it through surgery. I think Bean handled it better than me! The morning wasn't so bad - I was nervous, but kept it together. The surgery took an hour, and even that wasn't so bad. But, waiting for her to wake up in recovery, and standing next to her, sleeping and hooked up to all the monitors took me right back to nine months ago and the NICU, and it was just a bit overwhelming. Then, she woke up and was so upset and disoriented, that I sort of lost it. B kept it together, and immediately went into great-great-daddy mode (of course!) and comforted her, changed her diaper, changed her back into her pjs, etc. We balance each other out that way I guess. I keep thinking I should have been stronger but I was there, and did my best. I was scared, and overwhelmed by seeing my baby in discomfort. And B picked up where I couldn't . . .

Since we got home, Sam has been in pretty good spirits . . . mostly sleeping, a little whining here and there, but some smiles too. Her eyes are SO red and a little bit bloody, which is hard, but it doesn't seem to be bothering her that much . . . our greatest challenge over the next 24 hours is keeping her from rubbing her eyes.

She's such a tough little girl, and even through this, she's been her normal happy self. My sweet little Bean.

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WMC said...

BIG BIG BIG HUGS!!!! Thinking of you!!