Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A first . . .

Tonight is a first for me and Sammie B . . . our first night apart. I am headed to Cincinnati for work. . . and will be away for 48 hours. I miss her already!!!! I got up early and worked this morning so that I could take some time this afternoon and have some mommy-Bean time, so I let our nanny leave early and we went to the park to swing and watch the bigger kids playing. It was fun!!! Oh how I miss our days together during maternity leave . . . in some ways, it seems like just yesterday. It is hard to believe that was 6 MONTHS ago!!!

This weekend, Sam is going to be the model baby for a physical therapy training class. We have a therapy place by us that holds training sessions for PTs and OTs from all over the world. Our PT asked if we'd let Sam be the baby the therapist uses for one of the classes. She thought she'd be perfect because Sammie is such a good-natured happy little babe. Of course, we agreed -- we will be there during the class, so we'll probably learn a lot too! They came over to film Sam yesterday so that they could show the class before we come in and discuss what an appropriate treatment plan should be. Sam did so well on video (she LOVES being on video). I felt a little stressed out before the PT got there . . . I knew it would be similar to that first PT evaluation that sent us into the tailspin of panic 3 months ago. It was a lot like that -- a lot of "put her in a sitting position," "put her on her back and have her hold her toes," etc., BUT, it wasn't the same --- Indeed, it was so striking to me the difference between the things she can do now versus that first PT evaluation 3 months ago!!!

I miss her. I miss her. I miss her. But, she's in good hands! Daddy's got things under control :o)

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Elisa said...

Being away from your beanie sucks! BUT... I still think the excitement of the reunion after 48 hours apart trumps the separation! I can just see it in my head now (in slo-mo of course)!!!!

Very cool about the PT class! Free eval and treatment! And how cool to see how far she's come. It seems like just yesterday she got her first pair of glasses and started reacting to her surroundings. Now look at her! Playing with balls, grimacing at bananas, sitting on Daddy's shoulders (and holding herself up there I might add! That isn't easy! I actually remember feeling wobbly up there as a toddler on my own pop's shoulders!)

Have a productive trip and a fantastically sappy, happy-tears reunion with your babe. By the time you read this comment, your trip will be halfway over!

Love you!