Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three years, three first days . . .

December 2010, Sammie B's first day of her EI Preschool 
October 2011, Sammie B's first day of her new preschool program
(she'd just turned 3!)
August 14, 2012, Sammie B's first day of her second year of preschool 

Today was Sammie B's first day back at preschool after a much-needed summer break (we are so, so glad we made the decision for her to skip the extended school year program and have some time off!).   We had our annual first-day-of-school brownies (carrying on my own mom's tradition), Sammie B donned a new outfit, AND she got a first-day present.  A good day indeed!

We adore the orthotist that painted our KiddieGait braces purple!
Her first day lunch -- her pick -- hot dog and chips, with a party hat and present!!  (She's on a princess kick right now!)
Princess Sammie B. 
Every day lately, she tells me, "I'm a princess, mama."  Then, she asks me, "What's my princess name?" and we have to make one up together (well, I have to make them up, until I suggest one she likes.).  Today she was "Princess I went back to school and rocked it."   


CM said...

I love how each year, her smile gets bigger.

CP said...

very cute! Love the brownie tradition :)