Sunday, March 4, 2012


To the big girl that made me a mama, and taught me not to take a single "inchstone" for granted . . . and to the littlest one that is growing up so very fast right before my eyes . . .

Two different journeys.

Two different girls.

Both full of possibility.

My two loves.


Mo said...

I looked for an email address for you but didn't see one so I'll use the comment section...

First, I believe you and I are leading very similiar lives. I have been reading but usually don't have time to comment. BUT, two girls, oldest with CP, littlest growing so fast. Each so different yet equally awesome. The behavior in Oia that has been less than we'd like to see I believe is coming from a little jealously now. She is learning to share her time in addition to the challenging toddler-ish behaviors and limited expressive language. It's complex. But, I KNOW Oia adores Esme just as Sam does Mia.

YOu're girls are precious and I wish you the best as you continue the transition back to work and of course, I wish only the best of the best for your family. Thanks for following!!

schlennerfamilyof4 said...

Love to see Sammie B out in her new walker! How is she doing? I hope she loves it ;)

I hope to write you soon via email but I know things are quite busy right now.

For now, Yay to Sammie and her new world of possibilities.