Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mia Monkey's Fifth Month

My littlest one is five months old. Well, technically, she's five months and a few days . . . I've had a C-R-A-Z-Y week at work so this is a bit belated. I refuse to do those "at x age, you've hit x, y, z milestones" posts because I hate those posts, but I do like that this little blog is sort of a record of our history as a family (and I haven't done baby books or anything like that) so I will, from time to time, do one of these "Who you were at x age" kind of posts and those milestones might creep in . . .

Okay, so here goes it!

Mia, at five months old, you are an absolute joy. Some time between three and four months old, it was like a light switch - you turned the crank off and the smile on. (I promise not to hold those first three months of non-stop crank and tears against you!). You smile ALL the time. You giggle. You squeal (loud!) if no one is paying attention to you, though you don't demand that much. You are content if someone is just looking at you, talking to you. You smile and you "talk"(and squeal with glee)right back.

I returned to work a few weeks ago, and your dad has been home with you this month. The two of you are having so much fun, and you've quickly turned into a "daddy's girl." (Is this the curse of being a mom to only girls? Always being a wee bit less enchanting, less fun than dada?).

You ADORE your sister. She ADORES you. Every night me, you and your sister take a bath together and you just watch her, mesmerized. She's started helping me clean you, and you are so very, very patient (even when she's um, SCRUBBING, more than gently washing). On the rare night that I just give Sammie B and not you a bath, the whole time we are in there, Sammie B says "Mia Sammie B's BATH!" because she wants YOU in her bath. The parts of the day that used to intimidate me during those first few months when you wanted to be held non-stop (see above!) -- like dinner time -- have gotten easier because you are now content to just sit and watch whatever your sister is doing. I love watching the two of you watch each other.

You also LOVE our dog, Dude. You love his kisses. Whenever he gets within your reach, you reach your hands out to him, and open your mouth ready for his kisses . . . (yep, ew. . . . ). When he's moving around the room, you watch with fascination and joy written all over your face.

We can't decide who you look like (most people say your dada) . . . but your big beautiful eyes just amaze me.

We just took you in the pool at Sammie B's swim lesson for the first time this week, and you just stared around, unsure what to think, but liked it. By the end, you were wiggling and kicking in the water.

You've also been to daycare already, but just for a couple hours . . . as we are trying to get you acclimated to it before your dada has to go back to work. He said he left you smiling and looking around from your new teacher's lap, but he returned to find you crying and sad. Apparently, you'd taken a quick nap and were upset to wake up and find we weren't there. When I got the update from your dada, my heart just crumbled. Being a working mama is never easy. I miss you and Sammie B all day, and each day, I am THRILLED when I get to come home to your sweet faces.

Oh Mia, just five months and you've already just made your mark on us. You are part of us. We are four.

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