Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Sixth Year

Six years ago today, B and I said "I do."

We celebrated our anniversary with a "blast from the past" weekend that I planned well in advance (or on Friday morning). B's parents came to town and hung with the girls (thank you Nana & Papa!) and B and I got a hotel room just blocks from our first So-Cal apartment. We had dinner at our old favorite then saw "The Vow" (which I loved, B not so much; he said Tatum Channing was TERRIBLE in it, I agreed, but thought he was cute enough to be forgiven), and the next morning, we started the day at a spa, had a delicious lunch, and then saw another movie, "The Descendents" (awesome movie, a little too sad for my liking, I left there depressed with my stomach in knots), and then came home to our girls! A wonderful weekend. (Shouldn't EVERY day begin with spa treatments? I think so.).

If you'd told me one year and one day ago that this year, we'd celebrate our anniversary with our TWO children, I'd have told you to GET OUT OF TOWN. But, just one year ago today, we found out little Mia would be joining our family.

What a year it has been. Lots and lots of ups, and frankly, some pretty intense downs too (I haven't always written about those downs, because, well, I guess it isn't always fair to tell what is really B's AND my story here . . . but, there've been downs. Bed rest, high risk pregnancy, newborn babies with reflux and gas . . . all things that are just HARD on a marriage, plain and simple.).

But that's not the point. Yes, we've had our share of "hard" (and I'm hoping year seven brings lots and lots of easy, to us and to our girls), but I digress. The point is . . . we made it. Here we are. Celebrating "six" with our two little girls. WHAT.A.YEAR!

Here's to many, many more.

Six years ago, I said, "I do," and now, I still would.

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Faye said...

Happy Anniversary! (bleated) Please feel free to check our special needs blog too! :)