Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh the Games She Plays!

Sammie B hasn't taken off in her walker just yet (just a few steps here and there with some encouragement and cheering!), but we are spending more and more time in it, just letting her get used to how it feels and what she can do in it, with no pressure yet to walk in it. She has, however, mastered the art of dancing in it.

And, when she really wants to make us giggle, she does this:

Right after she does that, she will then straighten her legs to pop back up and stand up tall, giggle, and say "JUMP!" and then repeat.
She's a funny little lady.

(That USED to be her "I'm done with this thing!" move - she'd do that, then say "hep!" for "help!" but I started some tough love and would say, "I'm not going to help, you can stand up yourself," and indeed she can, and she's turned it into the "jump" game which gets way more laughs and smiles from us than the "I'm done" routine ;o))

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schlennerfamilyof4 said...

Oh, I remember when we first got Hayden's walker like it was yesterday. We went through the "I want out" to the just standing in it. Now, we like to run and give me a heart attack by trying to flip out of it:) Keep doing what you are doing, by letting her play in it and explore. She will get the hang of it. Once, she realizes the mobility she will conquer there will be no turning back. I know your little lady can do it when she is ready. She amazed me with riding her bike. I still think back to that and smile ;)I love logging on to read all the new little things Sammie is accomplishing. She is simply amazing!