Friday, May 27, 2011

I leave you with another picture . . .

Long time no post. Truthfully, this pregnancy fatigue is just I fall into bed as soon after Sam's asleep as possible and that sort of nixes much of my free blogging/surfing the internet/etc. time. I really, really, really hope the fatigue passes (I'm having my iron tested because my doctor thinks this level of tired could = anemic) because frankly, a girl needs more energy than THIS to do work + mom + life.

Other than that, life is good. We've been busy just "being." Sam's still the most loving little girl EVER. She's obsessed with Dora. Her vocabulary seems to expand every day. Her memory astounds us. (It's going to come in handy later - she remembers WHERE she last left things . . . I lose stuff a lot, so I think we are going to be a good team). She makes us giggle A LOT. Pure magic.

And here's a picture of her sweetness (and me).

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Erica said...

love the pic! she is getting so grown up! and besides getting your butt kicked with preggo fatigue-you look fabulous!