Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, even when at peace, some things just stink. Like (1) bad dreams that seem to stay with you all day, making your heart heavy; (2) google panic (mamas you know what I mean!); and (3) sitting with sweet Sammie B and her puzzle tonight, and asking her to put it together. She could not get the pieces to fit exactly in their respective holes (its a big wooden puzzle), but when I asked her to show ME where each piece went, she showed me. Without even looking at the puzzle. So, I realize that she knows EXACTLY where each piece goes (by memory no less), but her eyes or hands or both just won't cooperate in putting them there. And that made my heart sad. Because it must be so frustrating for her. So, yeah, that stinks. And just for tonight, I'm letting myself feel sad about these things that stink.

Tomorrow, however, is a new day.


Anonymous said...

Don't get too discouraged by things like the puzzle. She knows what to do and her body will catch up to her mind. Timmy can do puzzles and shape sorters, but most of the time, he'll try to jam the circle into the square. I used to think he just didn't get it, but he was very proud of himself when he finally jammed the wrong shape through. Every kid explores and learns in their own way I think. She probably doesn't know she should be frustrated by it and she is way too sweet to make me think she's anything but happy all the time.

Sebrina said...

We know this story all to well..My bristol knows what she wants to do also but struggles getting it done!

Kristen said...

and we also are in the same boat. i know P's mind works it's just getting his body to cooperate.