Monday, September 13, 2010

One of THOSE Moments

In a previous post, I wrote about the moments that define us as a family. The everyday, ordinary, loving, magical, giggling, happy moments . . . and last night we had one of those (not a rarity in our house, but this time, I'm just remembering to blog about it)! I actually laid down with Sammie B with plans to get up to do work after she fell asleep, but she was oh so tired, and fell asleep with her forehead touching my (equally large) forehead and her nose touching my nose, with her little baby doll squished in between us. I laid there, loving the snuggles, thinking, "I could lay like this forever." So, I didn't get up, and the snuggles were well worth the extra work I have to do today. Because those moments are the moments I can't let pass. Three generations of girls (Sam + Me + Doll if you were confused) just snuggling in bed, content as can be . . . THE BEST.

And because I don't have a picture from last night . . . I leave you instead with a picture from her nap today (with her baby). Pure sweetness this one.

When we go to bed at night, she now signs for her baby, and as soon as she wakes up, same thing. Such a little lover. My little lover!

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