Thursday, September 2, 2010




Bliss (Cookies!)


Just a few of my favorite faces from my favorite girl.

Nothing can make me feel more whole again (after a not-so-fab day) than coming home to her sweet face and having a little family time . . . so suddenly, even though my world still feels mixed up, and I had to work for hours after the rest of the world slept to make up for a day of spinning my wheels and getting no work done, I feel like exhaling and falling into bed with my two favorite people. So, I'll do just that.


E.H. said...

The pictures are darling. But I am just cracking up over the black rectangle - it's a fabulous shot in all respects, but the rectangle is awesome. :)

Dustin Aaron Sanchez said...

can't tell u how many times I had to make up for a whole day of doing nothing other than spinning my wheels. so glad i left the corporate world, days like that were getting more and more common. good to see I'm not the only 1.