Friday, June 25, 2010

The [Belated] Father's Day Post

To the original Sam, my dad, Sammie B's PawPaw. The man that taught me to stand up for myself, to not take sh*& from anyone, and who can make me laugh or smile in an instant. Making HIM proud has been one of the main drivers behind every success I've had in life, and I can only hope I can keep on keepin' on making him proud. And, without a doubt, the "new" Sam in our family will make him even prouder. Like us, she's a hard little worker with a fighting spirit, already making us proud. I love you dad.

And to B, who from the moment I met him, has encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever knew possible, and who makes ME a better me. Since the little Bean entered our lives, his support and unwavering confidence in me has given ME the confidence to attempt to "do it all" even on days I thought I'd fall apart. He's my best friend, my most avid supporter, and the love of my life. I love YOU B!

And to the other "dad" in my life, B's dad, Sammie B's Papa, the only person on earth that worries more than me. Worry that comes from the deepest love possible from one of the biggest hearts ever. Sammie B is infatuated with her papa, and for good reason. This Papa IS love.

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