Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sammie's Adventures with Dada

I've been working A LOT lately. Probably good for me to keep my mind off worrying . . . but I hate being away from my little family. I try to keep my trips as short as possible (which means red-eye flights) but some traveling is inevitable. As B has been saying, the ONLY thing "reduced" about my work lately has been my pay! Its frustrating, but I knew going into this schedule that when cases were super busy, I'd be super busy and not part-time. I'm on a case going to trial in June, and so my hope is that I stay this busy only until June, at which point, I'll likely have already met my billable hour requirement for the year, and can take a lot of time off in July. I have a ton I could say about how I've been feeling about work lately -- I finally feel super vested in this case, like I WANT to win, which feels good (and makes working long hours suck a little bit less); I took my first deposition, and I think I did well, but I still struggle constantly with balancing it all. I waver between loving the excitement of litigation, liking that I'm somewhat of a go-to girl for partners, and hating that that means I'm away from my Bean and just wanting to be HOME. Its of course easier to bill 15 hour days when I'm out of town than at home, but at the same time, I just wish I could climb into bed at night with my B and Bean.

I'm super thankful to have a husband that is so supportive of my career . . . he ends up pulling more of the parental weight during my busy weeks, but he does so without grumbling, and I'm so thankful for that. At the same time, he truly seems to "get it" that my heart literally hurts when I have to get on a plane to go out of town without my family, and when I miss bedtime with the Bean. He's encouraging when I need him to be, sympathetic when I need him to be, but also says, "suck it up" just when I need him to as well.

While I've been working away as of late, Sammie B and her dada have had great fun . . . a trip to the zoo, lunch with friends, and just general goofing around. B sends me photo updates often, and while each little photo does make me sad I'm not with them, my heart soars when I see these tiny smiles.

Easter at the zoo:

Lunch with friends:

And just some general cuteness:

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