Saturday, April 17, 2010

Embracing our new DAFOs

It may be hard to accept that my child needs "equipment" to help her along her path (and certainly, I wish things were easier for her) but acceping these things is so much easier when they are so stinkin' cute!

Brian and our nanny took Sam two weeks ago to get fitted for DAFOs (ankle braces). The orthopedist that saw Sam thought they would help her with standing and balance (and get her on her way to walking). . . Brian picked out the colors and design, and he did a GREAT job. I told him I wanted purple and pink, but left the rest up to his creativity. For the last two weeks, he wouldn't tell me anything about the DAFOs except that they were purple and pink, with a little surprise. I had a feeling that "surprise" might include Bees, and look how cute!!!

We started yesterday with her wearing them for only an hour, and we'll increase by a half hour each day. So far, so good. She seems fascinated with them, and we think, sturdier on her feet. We will embrace anything that might enable this little girl. And these DAFOs? We embrace them!!!

Before they were cut down to size:

Leaving the orthotics place on Dada's shoulders:

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marie clare said...

Great job Brian! They are cute! And should def help her with the standing etc.