Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We got back from Florida late last Sunday and then launched into a super super busy week . . . Florida was a whirlwind. We spent Thursday with Brian's grandma, Friday with my family, and split Saturday between the two families. It was a trip that I'd felt so anxious about for many many reasons best not shared here (family reads!), and it feels good to have it behind us. And, we got what we went for . . . some QT with B's grandmother, who kept telling us how special it was to spend some time with just the three of us. We think it was pretty special too!

Sammie B has become kind of shy -- we notice that amongst bigger groups she doesn't giggle, babble or talk nearly as much (or at least not for a couple hours while she warms up to the new people), and we knew that much of our time with B's family in Florida would be with everyone around (lots of people, including three other kids, two of which are Sam's age) so we really wanted to have a day that his grandmother (Bubbie) could just see who our little Bean is . . . and she did!

A few more pictures from the trip:
Kisses from Pawpaw:

Reading books with Gigi:

Showing Gigi and PawPaw how good she's getting at standing with some help from mama:

Celebrating B's dad's (Papa's) 60th with the extended family, including cousins Jessica and Sophia

Stealing some quick Nana time:

And exhausted (as I was) and catching a rest with Uncle Bob after the festivities:

We ended the trip with just the three of us spending a day in South Beach, Miami (before heading to the airport) and while the family time was nice, it was COLD and the novelty of a beach town isn't quite what it used to be before we MOVED to one, so we ended up heading to the airport earlier, which worked out well b/c we got on an earlier flight home, and a little more rest before launching into the week.

My two valentines!

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