Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finding Our Way

Sammie B has never done well in restaurant high chairs. They just don't provide enough support, and she's wiggly, and wobbly, and well, it just doesn't work. Actually, its been awhile since we tried one, but anyway . . .

We eat out. A lot. At least twice a week, sometimes more (and truth be told, in our pre-baby days, it was usually 5 or 6 nights/week) . . . so, we want our Bean to enjoy the dining out experience. She's going to do a lot of it in her day! I just feel like I spend so much of my time away from my family, why spend "together" time in the kitchen? I'd rather go out and just sit and enjoy each other's company! So, we've struggled with what would work best -- we used her infant car seat (it goes up to 30 lbs, so its still our car seat) in restaurants forever, but that kept her from being up and part of things, which didn't seem fair. When we eat at home, she's in her high chair right at our level, participating in our family dinner with her sweet smiles and laughs. I hated having her laying back in a car seat in restaurants, a passive observer (with a terrible view). That's okay for infants, but she's not an infant anymore. We tried just holding her in our laps, but she's recently gotten too wiggly and grabby for that to be pleasant. So, then, a friend said, "maybe she'd do better in a booster seat." GENIUS.

And so I found this fabulous little booster seat that folds up!

And . . . genius. Little Sammie B is up and part of the group now, and loves it. Sometimes, the little adjustments make for the happiest moments!! (And, here, she's super excited about the Sesame Street placemats I bought for her).

Score one for mama and dada on this find -- and may the eating out (often) continue ;o)

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Tilly said...

I love the booster seat and placemat idea. It's so much more sanitary. Instead, I'm the crazy mother with the endless supply of Wet Ones!!