Monday, February 8, 2010

Florida Bound

In two days, we head to Florida to see BOTH of our families. B's grandmother lives in Florida, and after my grandmothers both died last year (before meeting Sam) we vowed that we would make traveling to Florida to spend time with his grandmother a high travel priority. Then, we realized our trip to Florida was also around the same time as B's dad's 60th Birthday, so the rest of the family decided to join us in Florida for the weekend. AND, on top of that, my dad is currently working in Florida (about two hours from B's grandmother) so my mom decided she'd join us too! So, we have only 4 days to split between two families, but we will manage . . . and have fun!

Plus, my aunt and cousin that have never met Sammie B are ALSO coming . . . so we'll have some quick time with them as well! Lots of new people for Sammie B to meet (she's also not met B's aunt/uncle and cousins in Florida). We were planning to go for an entire week, but both got super busy at work, and decided it just wasn't in the cards, so we changed our flights and are coming back three days earlier. It is going to be a whirlwind.

On top of being swamped at work, we haven't had our nanny for much of the last few days because her mom has been in the hospital, so I've been 'working' from home (which means, I spent all of Sunday in the office ACTUALLY working) . . . she came today, but I also worked from home so that if something happened, she could leave right away and not wait for me to drive back from downtown. I surprised myself and had a ridiculously productive day working from home, which feels good.

As for the trip to Florida, however, I've had NO time to "get ready" for the trip in the way I normally would. Pre-Sam, I liked to plan for trips. I'd set a day aside to shop OR at least a few hours to shop online. I TRIED that this time - last week we went to the Gap (only had time for one store, needed Sammie B spring stuff too . . . so Gap it was) but only found one dress I was lukewarm about (but bought). I figured I'd get a few things online, but got busy and then I realized Monday that I had run out of online shopping time, and I have NO NO NO spring/summer clothes. (I did take ten minutes to look online at Nordstrom's "what's in" section, which is pretty much what I base my style decisions on these days since I no longer have time for magazines!) I couldn't figure out WHY I didn't have said clothes, until I realized that last summer, I was still a size bigger than I am now (post-babe) and I only bought a few things, all of which are too big now; the summer before that I was huge and pregnant and wearing maternity clothes, and the summer before THAT, I took the bar exam, and didn't shop for anything except super comfy clothes to study in and a few spagetti strap shirts/dresses for our post-bar trip around Europe. So, I needed clothes and had NO time to find them.

BUT, our nanny left early today (to go be with her mom in the hospital) so I threw my Sammie B in the car, we ran to Target for some Target-stuff we needed for the trip (some extra sippy cups, etc.)

After Target, I decided we had just enough time to ZOOM through DSW before dinner and I got two pairs of sandals. On my way to DSW, I noticed Ann Taylor Loft (which is one of the few stores right by us) had their spring stuff in the window, so we ZOOMED in and I got two pairs of capris, two shirts, and a dress. All that I love. I always feel like that store is SOOOOOOOOOOO "mommish" (stylin' mama, though right?!) which isn't the look I necessarily INTEND to go for, but I do love the clothes. Always. Perhaps I've lost my edginess? Or maybe I never had any and just thought I did! At least I'm trying to keep it together!

ALL of that was accomplished in UNDER two hours - Target, DSW, Loft. And now, the fam is in bed, and I'm going to bill a few hours . . . . Maybe I am super woman? (Yeah, right!)

Anyway, both me and Sammie B like our new shoes:

(Actually, she sat on the bed and played with them while I put laundry away tonight, and I said, "where do your shoes go? on your feet!" and she held them to her feet, just beaming, so very very proud . . . cute girl . . . she comes from a long line of shoe-lovers, so I'm not surprised!)

Our nanny needs to be with her mom tomorrow, so my super super special wonderful friend is going to keep Sammie B for me after her OT appointment so I can cram in some billables, then we'll pack like mad tomorrow night, rush to one last PT appointment Wednesday morning before the airport, and then be gone . . . . (Even when we travel, we try not to miss any PT/OT sessions, which sometimes means cramming them all into half the week, but we get it done nonetheless!).

I'm stressed just thinking about what the next two days hold for us! I don't even have my packing list made yet! Oy!

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Tilly said...

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I wanted to stop by and browse yours for a bit before my eyes close for the night:)

You are Super Woman!! You are a very busy mommy, but seem to have things together:)

I totally agree with you about Ann Taylor Loft. They do have Mommyish clothes, but I kind of like them too. I just ordered a bunch of stuff online (since shopping w/ a 2 year old is no fun!), but I had to return a lot of it because it didn't fit right. Oh well, someday I will get to shop by myself and try things on:)

I love the shoes! Have a great time in Florida. It's been chilly, but sunny.