Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rewind Wednesday

I'm not "rewinding" too far on this one - just to a couple weeks ago, actually.

I've mentioned before that I've met some amazing mamas in a few different online support boards for moms of kiddos with special needs.  Moms, friends, that I would have never met but for this journey.  Women who started off as anonymous commenters on posts, who answered and asked questions, who shared resources.  Along the way, though, some of them became friends.  First it was the message board, then we became Facebook "friends," soon we realized we truly had a lot in common and it was quicker to text thoughts/comments/questions throughout the day than to log onto the board or Facebook. . . . friends who I could text in the midst of a moment of worry, of wonder, of "why my girl?!" friends who I could text in a moment of "ohmygodshe'sdoingit," friends who just get it, like no one else can.  Friends.

And, along the way, I've been fortunate enough to meet some of them in person.  Like this one:

(Isn't she the prettiest? Yes.  She is.)

Met up with Erica for drinks and dinner when I traveled to San Francisco for work two weeks ago, and just as I knew we would, we sat and chatted like friends who'd known each other forever.  Not an awkward silence (or any silence) to be had, never missing a beat.  

This road we are on -- this special needs road -  has its ups and its downs, and twists and turns.

I'm blessed beyond measure to be navigating it alongside so many amazing mamas who really, truly have become my friends.   Like this one. 

[And stay tuned, coming up soon, a post titled something other than "Rewind Wednesday,"  . . . how is it already Wednesday again?]

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Erica said...

so sweet! what a great start to my day! love you!