Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rewind Wednesday

How is it already Wednesday again?

Here's a moment in rewind for you . . .

And the story behind it.

Back in December, I was struggling with some "stuff."  Actually not even anything to do with Sammie B, just life stuff, and I had a funny idea.  An outlandish one.  My dad was being super supportive and great and I decided to test him (not really a "test" so to speak).  I sent him an email, "hey daddo, will you get a  matching tattoo with me for Sammie B?"

NOW, my dad (whose name is Sam, by the way, Sammie B is his namesake!) is sixty-four years old, conservative (think "birther," people) and never been inked.  I didn't REALLY think he'd say yes.  And then he replied . . . "anything for you, babe! what are we getting?!"

So, the idea was born, and then when I went to Missouri for Christmas, my mom baby-sat my daughters while my dad and I drove to a hole-in-the-wall tattoo shop in podunk, Missouri (coincidentally, the same shop that did the small butterfly on my stomach when it was a much flatter stomach seventeen years ago and before I could use my real id to get a tattoo).   There were many game day desicions (up until the night before, we planned to get "love," and then finally decided on "believe," and I didn't decide on the location on my body until we were on our way to the shop, I didn't have anyone draw it in advance  -- yes exactly the way adults are NOT supposed to approach permanent things like tattoos, I know).  

Dad went first, I went second, and I love them.  We are now members of the "unofficial" 3eLove "ink" club.

And, just as I thought I would, every single time I look at my tattoo, I think of my amazing, strong, inspiring, persevering, magical Sammie B, and I smile bigger knowing my dad has the same tattoo and the same thoughts of my girl, and each time, this little piece of ink is just a beacon of strength for me.

Strength that even got me through the pain of having the tattoo redone upon my return to California ;o)  Oh that's right . . . the purple ink on both mine and my dad's faded so much that we both had to have ours re-done.  He got to do it for free at the shop we'd gotten them at, I had to pay southern California rates, but we are both mostly satisfied with our ink now (okay,  a part of me thinks some advance planning could have resulted in better quality but whatever, it is a good story and a great tattoo that I'm proud of!) 

The tattoo placement requires a little more thought when getting dressed for work in the morning -- I'll have to wear tights or pants suits to court, client meetings and similar things . . . but it is worth it.  I love it.  I love it love it love it. 

A little ink.  A little beacon of strength.  From both of my Sams. 

Sammie B, there is no question.   Your mama and your paw paw (and so many others) believe in you, sweet girl. 

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Kate Sherwood said...

You have a great dad!