Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rewind Wednesday: Where did "Baby Mia" go?

Lately, the fact that my "baby Mia" has suddenly become a "kid" as opposed to a baby, is just knocking me over. 

It sounds so trite, but it really, really does feel like just yesterday, this baby was sleeping in my arms (or more appropriately, strapped to me in a wrap non-stop):

But suddenly, she's a little girl . . . .

A little girl who says "no" (all the time, in her world, "no" means "no," and "no" also means "yes") and is suddenly combining two words (funny thing -- Sammie B's first two-word combo was "no dude!" and Mia's was, appropriately, "hi dude!" (our dog is dude!)).  A little girl who turns and waves and says "bye!" when I drop her off at day care in the morning (but always comes running and saying "mama!" when we are reunited at home in the evenings).   A little girl who loves loves loves to play with baby dolls and gives them bottles and puts then down for naps, patting their backs and saying "shhhh!'  A little girl with shaggy, messy hair that refuses to wear barrettes. A little girl who could care less that her shaggy bangs are in her eyes; and who can leave the house looking totally put together in the morning and like a total ragamuffin within an hour.  A little girl who says "help!" and "potty" and so many, many things.  A little girl that watches everything her sister does, and freely gives her sister hugs, kisses and pats on the back.  A little girl who sees my phone and says, with giddy excitement, "dada!" until I show her a picture of him on my phone (at which point she squeals again, takes my phone, holds it to her ear and says "hello!")  A little girl who is so, so full of love.  Of curiousity.  Of joy.   Of sunshine.  A tiny little person who is so fiercely independent, who threw the temper tantrum of all tantrums the other night because I tried to help her put her pants on . . . a little girl who, though fiercely independent, sees her mama walk in the room, or feels tired or whiny or sad and can't help but run to me saying "mama mama!" and burying her head in my shoulder.    (And I melt.)    Mia Mia gives big love.  Big tantrums.  Big smiles.   Big fun.  Mia Mia is just so . . . big.   She knocks my socks off. 

Mia, I wonder often whether, as you get older, if you will ever feel slighted because your sister may necessarily get a little more attention from time to time because she needs some extra help, or if this blog will make you feel like you weren't the center of my universe because it is a little Sammie B-centric.  But, my love, this blog is about OUR journey.  Together.  All of ours.  And know this: you and your sister SHARE the center of my universe.  And I love you with my whole heart and all that I am.  You my darling are my one and only Mia Mia.  And oh how I adore you.  - Your ever-lovin' mama. 


AmandaJ said...

Miss that sweet Mia Mia already! Such a sweetheart (as is Sammie B)

Cristina said...

I wonder and wish many of the same things with V. Seriously, how did they grow up so fast?! As they say, the days are long but the years are short. *sigh* Hugs to you, Mr. B, and the girls. :)