Monday, February 11, 2013

Highlights from a Weekend

First, the "woe is me" stuff . . .

Our house is going on the market this week.  Officially.  And, yes, I'm sad.  For all the reasons I've discussed before.  That the house that we bought thinking it was "perfect" for our little growing family no longer is.   But, home is where the heart is . . . where my girls are, and this house, with its FOUR flights of stairs, is not the "perfect" house for our family now.   This house limits Sammie B's movement and exploration.  It limits her.  And she deserves a home that is accessible for her.  So, this not-perfect-for-us-anymore house is hitting the market.  We got everything finalized and decided since we are headed out of town next weekend (as in, in only 4 days) that it would be the perfect weekend for an open house.  And so, despite my mono, we are frantically doing all we can to make our house look like no one lives here.  Like we don't have two kids, a ton of toys that are always strown about (part of makes it feel like "home" I say) and two animals.  

Unfortunately, the only times we can really do these things is when the girls are either napping or asleep for the night.  So, yesterday, during nap time, I frantically cleaned and organized the master bedroom, my little office, and the master bath.  Today, while the girls napped, I turned our playroom back into a sort-of-formal living room, while B cleaned our patio.  And after the girls were in bed tonight, I cleaned the dining room and our bar (aka catcher of all things) before retreating to my office to do a couple hours of work.  Monday after the girls are asleep, B and I will do the family room and kitchen, the following night we will do the garage (we have to organize storage space so it looks as big as it is!).  Wednesday, I'll somehow manage to get the girls' room in "showing" shape AND pack for Florida and Thursday morning . . . off we go.   And, sometime in the midst of that, I'll get all done I need to for a few work deadlines, and I'll sleep.  At some point, I will most definitely sleep. 

I'm tired, but not so tired that I can't share some snippets from our weekend, quickly. 

First, some of my favorite moments.

- I took Sammie B to a pancake breakfast at the place where she does hippotherapy.  We met a new friend (and blog follower!) which is super fun.  I also took Sam's gait trainer (walker) out there for the first time and she had a great time showing off . . . . (this is new, and fabulous and wonderful - after a year of being pretty stinking resistent to her gait trainer, she's now obsessed with it and asks to be in her "walker" all the time.)  Today, she even told me "I can move around in it all by myself!" with such joy that my heart almost lept right out of my chest. 

- After the pancake breakfast, we ran to get Sammie B's hair trimmed (her fourth trim, believe it or not . . . it's growing! Just had to get the split ends nipped) and then to pick up some shoes for our trip to Florida.  She insisted on pink sparkly ones, and called them her dancing shoes all weekend (and had them on at all times).   She's so glam. 

- On our way home from Target this morning, Sammie B asked what we were going to do when we got home, and I said, "well I have to put the stuff away first," and she said, "can I be in my walker and help you?"  Oh yes, my sweet girl.  Not much makes my heart more happy than having her move around the kitchen with me, and (as I did last week for the first time ever) having to tell her things like, "be careful, that's hot . . . "

- Mia was kind of a maniac in Target.  I had to buy her a toothbrush because I knew it would keep her entertained for awhile.  It did.  But of course, once Sammie saw me buying Mia a new toothbrush, she wanted one, and once Mia saw Sammie's, her own new toothbrush was no longer exciting, so I had to go back and get another . . . . so I think I spent $15 on toothbrushes we didn't need today, but hey, we made it through Target. 

- Mia is really into playing the "night night" game . . . she grabs a pillow and blanket and lays down, over and over, all over the house, saying "night night" and giggling.  I like that game too.   Here she is in the kitchen last night playing. 

- This littlest lady is also obsessed with the book "Peek-a-Boo Who," and brings it to us, over and over.  She says "Boo!" right before you lift the flap for each animal, and then makes the animal noises for most of them.  Today, she said the word "turtle," and we made a big deal out of it, and Sammie B said, "Mia, I'm proud of you."   Heart melt.  For all of the "I want that," and the toothbrush/toy-swiping that happens, it is the "I'm proud of you," and the "I love you," moments (and the kisses, oh the kisses) that make my world go round.  And, the (very occasional) moments of contented play together

- In the car today, Sammie B asked for juice and I gave her a juice box.  Mia wanted one too.  I didn't think she'd be able to drink out of one without squeezing and spilling but she was so determined to have one like her sister, so I let her try.  And, she did it.  No spills, lots of smiling.  And, I drove, with both of my girls in the back drinking out of their juice boxes like a couple of big kids, and I just couldn't believe it . . . when did they grow into girls and not babies?!!!

And last, one not-so-proud moment:

I was, admittedly, a bit crabby this morning after the above-mentioned Target trip.  I'm tired.  I'm stressed.  I'm overwhelmed.  I was thinking ahead to nap time and all that I'd need to get done.  And, then, Sammie B was not eating her lunch (meals with her are generally a struggle, the kid could sort of take-it-or-leave-it with most food . . . ) and I kind of snapped at Sam to eat or she'd take an early nap.  Not like me, and most definitely not a "me" that I like.   So, as soon as I snapped, I apologized.  I told her, "you know how sometimes, you are so tired, you just cry? well right now, mom is really, really tired, and I'm sorry, but it made me feel cranky."  And, Sammie B replied, "well, you were a little bit mean."  Guilty as charged, and my heart crumbled.  After some hugs and kisses, all felt better and I made a conscious effort, no matter how tired and overwhelmed I may be, to still keep trucking the rest of the day . . . 

And, I will.  Trucking.  Right to bed for now! 


laurelsmom said...

you never know, a few toys around might actually sell the house. My parents put their house on the market and following the advice of a magazine article, put out pictures of our family living our lives in that house. Pool time in the backyard, Christmas mornings, school awards, prize winning daylillies, new puppies, etc etc. The house sold in 2 days and for the asking price! The open house agent said the pics did a great job of allowing people to imagine what their lives might be like in the house too which is ultimately what sells a house. So a few toys here and there or everywhere? No problem. I believe your perfect house will be someone else's dream too.

Cristina said...

Best of luck with your travels tomorrow! Flights with kids are always interesting--I hope things go as smoothly as they can!

The girls are so stinkin' adorable how can you stand it?! It must be hard not to kiss and hug them constantly! Even when you're a bit crabby. ;)

Re: house, I've said it before but I'll say it again, it sucks. :( I am so sorry. I know what it's like to have dreams and later realize that they need to be scrapped. But, as you know, our kids are totally worth it. :)