Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Even superheroes fall down sometimes ;o) 

This one has mono.

No kidding.  So, the short story.  For about a month, I've felt dog-tired all.the.time.  Like if I could sleep 18 hours a day, I would (but of course, I can't).   I attributed it to stress, not having childcare and trying to be "mom" all day and "attorney" all night while the girls slept, but I know myself and this tired just felt different.  I mean, I get tired, but this was like falling over tired, no matter how much I slept.   Like no matter how much I wanted to blog, or return personal emails or calls, or do other "optional" but fun things, I couldn't muster up the energy to.  So, two weeks ago, I finally drug  myself to a doctor.  I thought maybe I was anemic.  Then, the doctor called with blood results . . . not anemic, but . . . my liver enzymes were scary high.  Doctor sort of freaked me out a bit and had me come back in for a bunch of scary tests.   Meanwhile, I was googling "high liver enzymes" and had myself convinced I was in liver failure, needed a transplant, etc. (a reminder that Dr. Google is never a good friend).   Then, yesterday, my doctor called with the "good" news. . . no liver failure.  No cancer.  No need to get a transplant.  JUST MONO.

So, that explains the "dog-tired."  Only solution is "time" and "rest," which is damn-near impossible when I just worked from home for a solid month and NEED to be back in the office. When I'm swamped.  So, I'll rest when I can . .  .

And keep every single finger and toe crossed that the girls don't get this.  Because that would really, really stink.

The Mayo clinic website says that little kids rarely get full-blown mono and usually it is only adolescents and young adults.  I am neither.  In this instance, being the statistical outlier is no fun. 

Now, off to bed. 

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Proto Attorney said...

That sucks. I had mono my sophomore year of college. The worst of it passes fairly quickly, but it was a quite a long time before I felt 100% again, for instance, before I could climb up a flight of stairs and not be winded. Rest up, and hope you have a very speedy recovery!