Friday, November 18, 2011

One Month of Mia

Mia Monster,

You are one month old today. It sounds a little trite, but my how time flies. As I sit to write this letter to you (as I've done many times for your sister and will do many more for both of you, on birthdays, special occasions, milestones, and sometimes, "just because") I feel like I should be able to tell you something about who you are right now. But, the truth is, we are just figuring each other out - you and me. I'm slowly learning what your cries mean and what soothes and comforts you, and you are learning to trust the world through your dada and me.

We've had a sort of insane few weeks, with your sister catching the flu, and I can say this -- you were a trooper. We were in and out of the pediatrician's office, in and out of the car, and you were passed back and forth between your dada and me and our nanny, and you handled it all like a champ. As long as we keep your belly full, you are a happy, content, snuggly little girl.

I promise to work on the whole taking pictures thing. I'm pretty sure every second child ever born has complained that their parents took so many more pictures of their first-born, and already, your dad and I are guilty of this. But, my sweet Mia, you are in good company amongst your dad and I - both also second children. And, now, I understand why my own mother has so many more pictures of my older brother! When the parent:child ratio in the house goes from 2:1 to 1:1, there's little time to run for the camera!

This week was the first week that you and I spent the days just the two of us. We actually did a lot together this week, you and me. We had lunch with friends, a pedicure (which you kindly slept through while I held you!), went into my office for you to meet everyone, bought groceries, had your one-month check-up . . . a busy week indeed. You love being in the Ergo carrier on my chest, and I love having you there. By the time we got home each day, when your dad would get home and I'd pass you off to him while I got dinner ready for your big sister and spent some one-on-one time with her, you were exhausted. You've spent your days out and about with me, your evenings sleeping on your dada's shoulder, and your nights alternating between your co-sleeper and mama and dada's bed. (We gotta work on that, sister! More time in co-sleeper please!)

You are both sweetness and fury. Sweet cuddles, sweet loves. But if you wake up hungry? My oh my girl. You have a temper. When you are hungry, or have to burp, you wake up SCREAMING. Like the "I haven't ever eaten in my life and why won't you feed me" kind of screams, and your ENTIRE body turns pink with anger. As heartbreaking as those little screams are, your dada and I cannot help but giggle at your temper. That, my dear, is how you've gotten your nickname - Mia Monster.

We love you dearly my girl. This first month has been a whirlwind, and we are so, so glad you are here. I know we'll just keep figuring each other out, and I can't wait to watch you reveal who you are.

You are beautiful. We love you.


** Pictures from our newborn photo shoot with Maggie Keegan Gross Photography when Mia was just one week old.

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Poor little baby having to get her pictures taken with no clothes.
Why do people need naked pictures.