Friday, November 18, 2011

My Little Family

After Mia's newborn shoot, we did a mini-family shoot with our photographer (and my friend, Maggie Keegan Gross).

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the results. Seriously. We went to our viewing appointment hoping to buy a FEW prints but not to spend too much money. That was a big fat fail. We LOVED the pictures so much, we blew the budget, but we know we will treasure the pictures FOREVER.

(Butterfly kisses and a tender dada/Sammie moment!)

(She's a tiny bundle of sweetness, isn't she?)

(This one on the left? best picture EVER. We ordered a huge one for our wall. That picture just captures the giggles that IS our Sammie B and the silliness that her dada brings out in her!).

Maggie really truly managed to just capture the magic that is my little family. The magic that is Sammie B, the sweetness of both of the girls, and the love that is our family just oozes from these pictures (at least I see it!). Sammie B totally hammed it up for Maggie (and smiled some . . . at the promise of a surprise after the shoot) and the pictures of Sam's silly faces make my heart happy.

Love. Love. Love. Thank you, Maggie, for capturing my sweet family!

P.S. The day of the shoot, I realized I might have been crazy to book a family shoot one week post-baby, but I managed to find a dress that fit and we pulled it together, don't you think?

P.P.S. Other reasons to love Maggie (besides that she's a talented photographer)? She's signed up to be a photographer for the Inspiration Through Art Littlest Hero's Project!!! AND, as a little girl, Maggie wore leg braces, just like Sammie B. For ALL these reasons, we'll keep going back to Maggie, again and again, to capture our little family in pictures. You should too!


Maggie said...

Awwww! Thanks so much! It's easy to take great photos of such an adorable family! I really can't wait to get to capture your beautiful girls as they grow up together!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family photos! Love the baby pics of "Mia Monster" too. You have two beautiful daughters.

Mo said...

Congrats on another beautiful girl! Isn't it FUN? Challenging but fun...

I need to read a few of your recent updates but wanted to take a moment to say how lovely your family is.