Sunday, July 24, 2011

Then And Now

Six months pregnant with Sammie B:

And, six months pregnant with her little sister:

I *think* the belly looks smaller this time (though the EIGHT pieces of chocolate cake I've had in the last three days are not going to do THAT any favors), but it is close. Feel free to weigh in on that one (oh and say which hair you like better, shoulder length or longer)!

Still on "light activity/modified bed rest," still keeping on keeping on, and promising more substantive blogging in the days to come!


Anonymous said...

Oh fun, I love that it's the same dress! I vote that your postures is better the second time around, and I think that accounts for why your belly looks smaller. But maybe it's just the angle. I like your hair longer and sleeker, it's very slimming and elegant. You look like just a beaming glowy mama both times, but interestingly I think moreso this second go-around. Grant it, that's all from one isolated snapshot of each LOL!

marie clare said...

I think the bellys smaller this time around and I vote for longer hair, but that might be because the hairdresser cut mine much shorter than I wanted this weekend and Im having hair envy! :)

Erica said...

think there is something to the slightly different angle that makes the belly look a tiny bit smaller. Im just so jealous of your skinny arms in both pics! and I like the longer hair! Im growing mine out again!

Kristen said...

you look great mama! beautiful!

sunnydove said...

Gorgeous from head to toe in both pics. But belly looks smaller in the second and I have been SOOOOOOO admiring your gorgeous hair lately. You are beautiful either way, but the long hair is particularly stunning.