Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning from Her

I'm pretty sure that "taking things in stride" is not something that would EVER be said to describe me. (My mom is smiling in agreement as she reads this, no doubt). I'm generally not patient with people in my life (except Sam, truthfully, my patience as a mother has surprised me in a good way), and well, I have a VERY hard time taking things in stride.

A few weeks ago, as I sat and watched Sammie B ride her horse at hippotherapy, (with NO trunk support from the therapist, for the first time ever!), I couldn't help but think two things:

(1) My girl is a brave one AND

(2) My goodness does she take life in stride.

She started hippotherapy at barely two years old. She whined a little the first session, but within no time, was excited to see the horses and ride them each week. I look at her -- so tiny on that tall horse (with so far to the ground beneath her) and I'm amazed. She's so timid in some things -- like movement (B and I have often said that when it comes to initiating movement, we don't always know what's a motor planning issue vs. a strength issue vs. a vision issue vs. just an "I'm afraid of falling" issue.). We've described her hesitancy in movement as a timidness. She is quiet and cautious. It's easy to see those qualities in her and forget what a brave little girl she is. And, as I sat watching her ride that horse, I was just overcome with pride. She's brave. Our brave Sammie B.

Her week is a busy one. An intense one. Every week, she has:

- 9 hours of her center-based program (that we call "school") (Tues/Wed/Fri mornings)
- 2 hours of occupational therapy (Mon/Thurs)
- 2 hours of physical therapy (Mon/Thurs)
- 2 hours of speech therapy (Mon/Tues)
- 1 hour of hippotherapy (Wed evenings)
- Some swimming thrown in . . . (usually two thirty-minute lessons whenever we can cram them in)

Your head spinning yet?

Yet, my brave little girl just takes it in stride. She takes life -- her busy, chaotic life -- in stride, challenges and all. At TWO years old. And, maybe, just maybe, I will learn to as well.


Marcsbike said...

OK...couldn't resist commenting on this post. I love you, I love Sammie, and I love Brian (at least when he's not tormenting me! LOL!)...but you "taking life in stride"...never will happen...it's just not you!! ROFLMAO!!!

Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Wow! Sammie is amazing! I know from Gracie's hippotherapy it takes a great deal of core strength and balance to ride solo like that. Way to go Sammie! How is your walker search going? We had to hold off on our search because Gracie is having a minor surgery next week. We did try the Kidwalk, but Gracie's PT thinks it is probably more than what G needs.

Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

PS. After reading your blog we started wall standing with Gracie and take a look at the picture on our blog today :)

Kimberly said...

She is so brave! Her whole personality just seems so sweet from reading your blog. I can't wait to meet her one day! She is an adorable strong little girl!!!!

Kristen said...

We need to find some hippotherapy for P! They are teaching us how to "do" life better, aren't they?!