Monday, July 11, 2011


One might think with this "bed rest" thing that I'd be blogging much more, but the truth is, my days are sort of running together, and I just feel like there's little blog fodder. I'm not miserable, but I am a tad restless, and I do feel isolated. I SHOULD probably shower and blow-dry my hair and put on make-up occasionally so I feel like less of a slump, but, so far, it hasn't happened.

I spend my weekdays working from bed on my laptop and my evenings and weekends playing in the floor (and napping!) with my Sammie B.

I spend my nights either (1) doing work that I could have/should have done during the day or (2) tossing and turning because I slept too much during the day . . . it is a vicious cycle. While the flexibility of being able to work from home IS normally invaluable, when 'working from home' is my every day, I miss my office, I miss my work clothes, I miss my routine.

Surprisingly, I've spent very little of my non-work time on a computer . . . I've fallen behind on emails, blog, etc. but that's okay. (Apologies to those waiting on return emails that are probably thinking "she's supposed to be in bed! The least she could do is type me a stupid email!").

I WAS super productive on Saturday though. I sat on the bed in our extra bedroom (soon to be Baby No. 2's bedroom) and sorted through all of Sammie B's baby clothes. I put them in nice little tubs labeled by size. I held some of the clothes in my hand and stared in disbelief that Sammie B was ever that small. My eyes filled with tears when I saw her first (premie-sized) pjs. For a little while, the three of us sorted together (well, um, I sorted, while B and Sammie B played with Sammie B's baby hats and *might* have messed up my piles a tad).

We talked about how we are getting a BABY and how lucky she will be to have Sammie B as her big sister. We talked about names (we are having such a hard time this go-round; totally different than with Sam's name -- I knew her name before I even met B!). Sam STILL says "Y'Mon!" when we ask her what she wants to name the baby and we have NO.CLUE where she got that, but she talks about "Baby Y'Mon" frequently and whenever she sees my belly. Though we do NOT have a name picked out just yet (though we've narrowed our list to Charlotte, Mia, Ryan, Emma, and a few others that I'm blanking on right now . . . ), we promise NOT to name her "Y'Mon!"

Sammie B has been such sweetness lately (as usual!). She's also said some pretty stinking cute things that I'm going to tell you about -- mostly because I want them here, so I can remember them forever (or maybe so that she will read them someday too!). So, I leave you with my three most favorite "Sammie'isms" as of late:

- She calls her nanny "Nee" and the other day at dinner, she asked for "Nee," and I said, "Nee isn't here. Where do you think Nee is?" And she said, so very sure of herself: "at work!" So sweet. So innocent. When either B or I are gone, we always tell her "Mama is at work" or "Dada is at work," so she thinks that when her nanny isn't here, she MUST be at work ;o) Innocence. Think she'll be devastated to learn someday that she WAS her nanny's work?

- She often tells us when she feels "happy." (I've mentioned this before; we'll just be playing or riding in the car, and she'll say "happy!" and I ask her if she feels happy and she says "YES!"). Well, we've been talking about other feelings too, and last night, I told her, "Can you ask Dada how he feels right now? Say, 'Dada, how do you feel?'" And she looked right at him and said, "Dada, how do you happy?" B and I loved it. How do you happy!

- Her nanny had a blind date a few weeks ago, and when she arrived the following day, I was asking her about her date. Then, I asked Sammie B, "Do you know what you do on dates with boys?" And she said, "PIZZA!" And, then I realized that whenever she and B have one of their "nights out," we always call it a "date" and they go for pizza (Sam's favorite food, hands down). So, I asked her, "who do you go on dates with?" and she said, "dada!"
My sweet girl, 15 years from now . . . remember this . . . you go on dates with boys and you eat pizza. That's it. Innocence. Perfection.

So that's it. My three favorite Sammie B moments as of late. And now, back to work, in bed.


Gina said...

Love the innocence. Also? Charlotte (and Violet) topped our girl name list. Love.

Kristen said...

What a smartie that Sammie B is!
Hang in there, mama!

Erica said...

those are all so spectacular! i got the cry-laugh combo at "how do you happy?" so sweet.
PS: I didnt know Mia was on the list and I think its my fave. Mia B just rolls off the tongue!