Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today, I feel inspired.

By my dear dear friend K, who sent me an email last night that was just.what.I.needed to hear.

By the PT we decided NOT to see just yet, but who still sent me the sweetest email, and the best words of encouragement ever, along with a success story.

By one of our fellow DD friends, who used a gait trainer and walked from the car into his classroom for the first time ever today, and by his mama, who sent the picture to me so I could celebrate with her.

By the most thoughtful handwritten note that I received today (only the most classy of people still do handwritten notes and I dig it).

By my facebook friends, who follow Sam's journey so very closely, pay attention to the bajillions of pictures I post and who cheer her on from near and far. Sammie B has a wide base of support.

But most of all, I feel inspired by this little girl.

Sammie B, you are the hardest working little gal I know. And with your hard-work, loving smile, and heart of gold, you inspire me.

Happiness is elusive. But right now, I am happy. I know myself to be happy.

And, thank you, K for the words to live by my sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

This may sound weird coming from a stranger, but following Sammie B's story and just seeing her smiling face, I just have a feeling in my heart that she is going to do great things some day. She's going to have such a different perspective than the rest of us have and I think she can use that for an amazing purpose.

Erica said...

this gave me the chills. and once again reminded me how cool handwritten notes are. Im trying to get better at those. I dig them too. :)

Momttorney said...

Anon - thank you thank you for your sweet words. My heart tells me that Sammie B will do amazing things. I KNOW she will, but the mama (and control freak in me) MUST learn to trust that and sit the worry aside from time to time, right? Thanks for following her story!

And Erica, thank YOU for cheering her on as well.