Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night Ramblings

I'm having the kind of weekend where work/life balance seems a bit strained. We have expert reports due in my case in two weeks (remember a week ago when I said I had them due in a week? Yep, nope, an extension. Sounds nice in theory, right? EXTRA time to work on them and perfect them . . . but really, all it does is prolong the pain and make for deadlines that never end). Anyway, so I've worked at the dining room table most of the day today while Mr. B and the littlest Bee have played. B is being extra funny, and just cracking Sammie B up. I wish he wouldn't be so stinking funny when I'm stuck at the dining table working! Her giggles are infectious though, and if I have to spend a weekend working, I can't imagine any sound I'd rather have fill the background.

[I'd like to drop a footnote (legal writing much?!) to state that I *know* it is not a competition as to who Sammie B thinks is funnier - me or B - but the thing is, I know I'd lose. So, as I told B tonight, I'm just a teeeeensy bit jealous of the absolute belly busting laughter he gets from our girl. I'm never that funny. But, as he reminded me, I'm the person she wants when she's sad, tired, just waking up, etc. etc. Moral of the story is, I suppose, that our sweet girl is lucky to have the both of us . . . him laugh-out-loud hilarious and me snuggly and comforting mama. Still though? I gotta find something to make her laugh THAT HARD.]

I did steal away for a couple of hours today for a super quick trip to the zoo. Two of my friends and their kids were going, and although I'd initially declined the invite because of work, I decided last night that I was just going to make it work, so I did (sort of, I'll be up till the wee hours of the am, but sometimes, I guess that's how the whole 'balance' thing happens!).

Another friend passed on some amazing words about Sammie B that just resonated with me. I've got a few great phrases to keep in my back pocket, and this is one of them:

"Sammie B is an amazing little girl with her own fate and her own destiny that we can't yet know . . . until she shows us. And she will."

Yes, she will. No doubt.

I'm so lucky to be this little lady's mama. Here's to getting expert reports done, deadlines behind me, and having even more time for snuggles and love. We are headed for trial in just a few short months (another June in Texas is likely), so I know the coming months will be challenging, but we'll make it. We'll make time for the good stuff. We always do. And in the meantime, let the giggles fill the background as I type, type, type. Now, back to it . . .

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Sarah said...

Fall off the chair or the gets a good laugh every time. =) And yes you are lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you!