Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sickie sickie sick

That's me. (Thankfully, I'd much rather it be me than Sammie B, though I'd prefer if we were ALL healthy). Anyway, this is the reason for my absense in blogland and life. Last weekend (as in like NINE days ago), I was feeling crummy, but I attributed it to stress/exhaustion/etc. BUT, then I woke up Monday and started barfing . . . and have been pretty much ever since. I've made FOUR trips to the ER for fluid; I've fainted; I've seen a cardiologist (and found out through a total fluke I was apparently born with an extra connector on my heart -- who knew!); I've seen a GI doctor and the verdict (thus far) seems to be that I just have some sort of bacterial infection in my colon. (yes, gross. colons are gross).

I THINK I'm on the mend, but everytime I say that, the barfing returns, so we shall see. On top of it all, this is B's FIRST week on-call for work, so we've been hoping and praying for NO calls . . . the GI doctor WANTED to admit me to the hospital (because of some more barfing this am) but we've decided to give it ONE more day and hope for the best. I'm supposed to be traveling for work this weekend; we are a MESS! Luckily, B's mom is flying out to help out this weekend while I'm either (1) away for depositions; (2) stuck in the bathroom still barfing and crying about how it.just.won't.stop or (3) at the hospital. I'm hoping for the first option because I really really really am tired of being sick.

And I'm too damn sick to care that even my pre-baby clothes are TOO big NOW. I'll take my ten pounds and healthy body and energy back thank you very much.


Amanda J said...

(((Hugs)))) I'm SO sorry you have been so sick. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you are on the mend and the vomiting stops. I'd hate for you to have to make another hospital visit. ((hugs))

Proto Attorney said...

That is gross. I hope you feel better! Just stay hydrated as best you can and get some vitamins in you, hopefully you can avoid the hospital!