Sunday, March 21, 2010


B ran his first marathon today. Just another way that he impresses and inspires me. It has been an intense year for us . . . yet B has thrived. Instead of falling apart (like me), he's managed to find a way to channel the stress/worry into running. He's trained for the last six months, and HE DID IT. I'm so proud! (And, he said in the moments it was the hardest, he thought about Sammie B, hoping that someday soonish her little legs will run too . . . )

So, here's to B, and here's to Sammie B . . . and our little family. Lucky me gets to love them both!

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Cee said...

awww! what he said is way too sweet! Seriously, it ALMOST triggered my sensitive tear ducts :) good for him!