Friday, March 26, 2010

The Moments that Matter

We had a pretty intense eye doctor appointment this week. I'm still letting the details soak in(not bad news, just a lot of information. A LOT.). I'll update with that information eventually, but for now, I want to share a few great snippets from our week . . . I think (especially for me) it is easy to lose sight of the incredibly sweet & happy, yet simple moments in our lives and instead to focus on the doctors' appointments and PT sessions.

So, some snippets of the moments that REALLY make us US.

Twice lately, Sammie B has been sitting around saying (in a very excited voice) "Dadadada!" and I've said, "DaDa? I'm not dada! Who am I?" And she's said in the most precious, sweet voice ever, "Mama." That is a moment to remember.

Or how about how Sammie B tries to share EVERYTHING with her favorite people. A cookie? Her favorite way to eat it is "a bite for you, a bite for me." Such sweetness. She takes a bite, then holds it up for me, or B, or Gigi, or Nana, or her nanny, or whoever is closest that she wants to share with.

At night, when she's laying in between us, she leans over to me to put her forehead to my lips for a kiss, then to B, then to me, then back to B, until she tires of it and decides its time to sleep. Again, pure sweetness.

And today, she's spending a furlough friday with her Dada, and oh what a day . . . he sends me pictures throughout the day, and I have to say . . . she's always her best dressed on furlough fridays with her dada!

(Funny faces)

(What fantastical bench sitting!)


So here's to the snippets that REALLY matter. The moments that make our sweet Bean who she is, and the moments that truly define us as a family. And, to the moments spent with doctors and therapists, well . . . certainly those moments are important, but they don't define us!


Elisa said...

First of all, completely off-topic... but you really are very talented with words! Your writing has a way of putting the reader right there with you. I can just see the bean moving her sweet head from your lips to B's for kisses and can almost smell her sticky, crumb-covered cookie fingers as she offers up a gluten-free cookie! So sweet! Love, love, LOVE reading your blog!

And speaking of love.... I love your little girl! She is just like you! So giving and full of life! I think this is one of my favorite posts. We can ALL learn from this. It's so easy to focus on our worries. But if we do, we miss out on all this other stuff... the stuff that life is actually made of! Yes, health concerns are real and valid. But life really is in the kisses and cookies and coos and smiles. It really is. You're pretty smart for a human being, ya know that?

marie clare said...

I love this post! WTG at keeping it all in perspective. Its the soul and spirit of a person that defines them, and Sammie B has no problem showing hers. Kiss those cheeks for me.