Monday, August 25, 2014

Three Posts, Three Days

After months of not posting, I'm back and back with a fury, I guess?!  Three posts, three days.  The thing is, I miss this blog when I'm away.  It is an outlet for me.  It is something I do, just for me, sitting at my desk or on my couch, that is not work, and not mindlessly scrolling through social media, and I need this outlet.  So, I'm back, and I'm hopeful that I haven't lost all my readers in the interim. 

Just one quick thing for this post . . . I forgot to tell you something about my Sammie B's new school!

UNIFORMS (or really, a dress code)!  

Trying on new school clothes after a shopping spree!

How stinking cute is she?  So cute.

Who knew plain navy, blue, white and khaki could be so cute? 

They do have free dress Fridays every week, and Sammie B has already told me on Fridays, she will wear purple, and "sometimes, fancy dresses." 

And let's not forget little sister in all the back-to-school flurry.  Mia doesn't change classrooms at daycare until the New Year, but this morning, as I left to take her to daycare, with her wearing a dress that I bought for Sammie right when Mia was born, I looked at Mia, and the "little girl" looking back at me just took my breath away.   She's growing up too.  In the blink of an eye, just like her big sister. 
August 2013 - August 2014

Time slips away so quickly, doesn't it? 

How blessed am I to be the one they call mama. 


Kathryn K. said...

De-lurking to say you haven't lost this reader! It's wonderful to hear that the school year is getting off to such a great start and (as always) I'm inspired what a wonderful mama you are!

Cristina said...

Ditto, Kathryn! Love, love, LOVE the uniforms! You should rename the blog "Sammie Style". ;) She's a total fashionista and I love it!

Glad to have you back. :)