Friday, August 22, 2014

In the Blink of An Eye . . .

We have a kindergartener.  It's been a little surreal to say the least.  I spent a month juggling all of her usual appointments so that once school started, we could keep the most important ones to us (PT, vision therapy) and all the fun ones (horseback riding, swimming and her adaptive gymnastics) and eliminate others because well, there's only so many hours in a day . . . .

We did "meet the teacher" day, we met Sammie's aides, we bought new school clothes (uniforms!), new school supplies, and suddenly, here we were.  Sammie is at a school we love, and one that is perfect for her. 

Leading up to the big day, I asked her what she was most excited about, and she said, "learning to read like 'Super Why!' and getting my own pencil box."  Both important things!

She was so, so ready.

Super stoked about her new Doc McStuffins lunchbox. 
Our beloved "Banana" who has been Sammie's nanny for the last year and also her aide at preschool is starting with her at the new school, helping with the transition to new aides.  Hannah will also be working at the school two days a week, and still with Sammie after school.  Pretty amazing that this all worked out so well. 
Sitting so very, very proudly at her desk. 

Dad's "high-five" good-byes.  (I was alternating between taking pictures and hiding tears at this point). 

Our annual first day of school "party."  My mom made brownies every year for me, I've bought cupcakes every year for Sammie.  This year included a song Mia wanted to sing . . . "Happy Kindergarten to you!" 
B and I stood around at the back-to-school, meet the teacher festivities and just kept commenting that it felt surreal.  How do we have a kindergartener?  And why does everyone else look like such grownups when we still feel like we are still kids ourselves?  Why is life is moving at warp speed?

I have zero trepidation over this school year, and that's a feeling I've never felt.  It's amazing.  Our IEP meeting lasted an hour (only an hour!  Do you know our last few have spanned days?) because everyone was on the same page.  Everyone there is interested in Sammie's success.  Incredible.

This is going to be a good year.

She loves it, and her favorite part so far (as reported on Day 1) is "working on writing [her] name," which made my heart so happy.  Something that is, without question, difficult for her.  Yet, it's her favorite.  This kid rocks my socks off.  

She's already rocking it, and I'm so, so proud.

And sweet Sammie, if you look back at these pictures and wonder where Mama was on your first day?  I was right there, behind the camera, simultanously beaming with utter and total pride, and trying my darndest to hide my tears from you.

It was a big day.   And while I still sit here, typing this, thinking "for real? where did the time go?" my heart is so, so happy because I know my girl is in great hands, at a great school that is perfect for her -- one that will challenge her in the areas she needs to be, and support her in the areas she needs that (!), and she is so, so ready.  

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