Sunday, February 16, 2014


Last night, I read "Rolling Along, The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair" to the girls at bedtime.  (Of all the kids' books about CP that I've bought, this one is my favorite.  I've purchased multiple copies and will give it to Sammie's new classroom teacher every year to share with the class).   As we went through it, Sammie B smiled (as she always does) when I read the parts that also pertain to her like "each week, I see a physical therapist."  Mia (a child who rarely sits for an entire story, at least at home, particularly one as wordy as this one) sat and listened intently to every word.  At the end, I said (to both of them) "do you know anyone who has cerebral palsy?"  Sam said, "me!" and Mia said "and me!"  I then said, "Mia, you don't have cerebral palsy, but Sammie does.  That's what makes it hard for her to do some things, like walk."

And with that, my sweet two-year-old did something that showed a compassion, empathy and understanding far beyond her years . . .

She looked so sad, and so concerned, and leaned over, hugged Sammie, and said, "Oh Nammie. It okay, Nammie.  It okay" and patted her big sister on the leg.  It was as if she had never even noticed that Sammie doesn't walk, and she was learning this all for the first time.  I explained that it was okay, and we didn't need to be sad about it, it just is.  That we are all different, so Sammie would do things in a different way.  And within seconds, we were back to giggles and play.  

And inside, my heart was both melting and swelling with pride.

No question, my sweet Mia Mia is blessed to be Sammie's sister, and Sammie is blessed to have her Mia Mia.  And me?  Well, I'm as lucky as they come getting to be their mama.

Mia came with us to Sammie's hippotherapy session last week, and ran around the outside of the ring alongside Sammie and Fancy the whole time.  They were absolutely delighted to have this experience together.  My heart my heart. 

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