Thursday, September 26, 2013

She's Five.

I cannot even wrap my head around it, but it is true.  Five amazing years.  Five years of beautiful, delightful, joyful, magical, stubborn, wonderful, giggly, inquisitive, amazing Sammie B.

Five couldn't be any cuter, any more joyous, or any more magical.

If I had searched the universe for a little girl to make me a mama, I couldn't have picked a more perfect one than her.   I love her.  With all that I am.

** More details on her big day (and parties) to come when I kick this cold that's kicking me. **


Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to be Sammie's mommy. She found a perfect mother, too!

Happy birthday Magical Sammie!

-Sky's mommy

Kim said...

Happy birthday Sammie B!

We have our son in a (fabulous play based) community preschool too and have opted out of most school district services too...a much better fit for him than the school district rooms I observed. Since we are in preliminary planning for next year, I was thinking about schools, thought of you and wanted to check in and let you know I hope Sammie's school year is still going awesome since I hadn't seen you post in a while.