Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Years of First Days!

Two weeks ago, Sammie B started a new school (more on that to follow! It's going amazingly well!)

I love looking back at the "first day" pictures from past years.  Our girl just keeps getting more and more amazing every single day.   Each year brings more magic, and I know this year is going to bring more than I can possibly imagine. 

I cannot wait to tell you how amazing these two weeks have been. And it's only been two weeks!

December 2010 - Sam's first day of her Early Intervention Center-Based program at UCLA (oh how we miss that place!); she'd just turned 2

October 2011 - Sam's first day of preschool - She'd just turned three (and little did we know when I took this picture that just hours later, I'd be in labor with Mia!)

August 2012 - Sam's second year of preschool - Not quite four.  And the biggest smile yet!  (She was mostly excited about her snazzy new dress -- this is EXACTLY around the time that Sammie started having some real opinions on fashion!)
September 9, 2013 - Sam's first day at her brand new school, in a pre-k class for 4 and 5 year olds.  So very proud of her new princess lunch box from Gigi. 
Not to be left out, little sister Mia was excited to see Sammie off on her first day (and also wanted to wear something special!).  

That evening, we celebrated just as we have every year (and just as my mom did for me each first day of school for my academic career) -- with a small present and a mini-party (cupcakes this year!). 

It is a tradition that I LOVE and one that I am so thankful that my mom did for me.

Here's to an amazing new year for my big girl.

I can't wait to watch your year unfold, Sammie B. 

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marie clare said...

cant believe how much she grew up between 2012 and 2013