Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NOT Funny

I'm exhausted and about to pull a work all-nighter, which I'm most unhappy about (why is it that other associates on my teams send out out-of-office emails that say they are going to be on vacation, with no access to email, and peope respect that, but when I do the same for my child's surgery, but intermittently answer emails to be helpful, boundaries are out the door?  And since when does "I need to take a few days off next week for daughter's surgery mean "I'm not going to be able to work during the days next week, but don't worry, I won't sleep ever and will still do a normal amount of work by just doing it all night while my kiddo sleeps?"), but I digress. 

Just a quick update, in the briefest of ways. 

Good news:  Sammie had a post-op appointment with her surgeon today and all looked good.   We'll see him again in 5 weeks, and see if we can tweak her glasses prescription at all then.   Her little eyes are still so blood-stained, which I just hate.  It's like this visible reminder to me of my girl's discomfort.  Today she complained about pain and itching but that was mostly alleviated via tylenol.  Leaving the appointment with her surgeon, she made me giggle.  A lot.  I told her we needed to get cash for parking and she said, "do they have an ATM here?"  When I told her they did, she told me she wished we had an ATM at home.  Me too, kiddo.  Me too.  One that dispenses free money.

Tonight Sammie B was playing with her little doctor kit and I realized she knows way too much medical terminology.  As I sat and listened to her tell B she needed to "listen to his heart" and then "now let me listen to your back and hear your breathing," and "I'm going to take your blood pressure now," I smiled, but my heart frowned a little.  I wish this child had seen fewer doctors in her day, had her blood pressure taken a little less, and well, just seen less of the "medical."

Playing doctor.  I have no idea where Mia's shirt is. 
Bad news:  Mia has pink eye.  If it weren't so damned unfortunate, it might be funny in that "are you kidding me, universe?" kind of way.   We HAVE to be diligent in NOT letting Sammie get this.  Her pediatrician said the antibiotic eye drops she's already getting post-surgery should prevent it.  Her surgeon suggested keeping the girls completely separated for 7 days.  But, we know it is probably too late; Sam's been exposed. 

Mia couldn't go to day care today and B and I spent the day/evening chasing her around with clorox wipes and hand sanitizer and begging Sammie to NOT touch her own eyes, and making her wash her hands constantly.

Yeah, really effin unfortunate timing and NOT funny. 
When efforts to keep them apart failed, I plopped them both in Sammie's stander (Kitchen Helper from and let them play with soap.  Sometimes, I am genius. 
In slightly better news though, this explains why Mia was an absolute bear last night (well, this and the ear infection she also has, which was also discovered today) but after a few doses of antibiotics and tylenol today, she was in better spirits and is now sleeping soundly.  

The whole world is sleeping, except me.  I'm drafting a motion, and none too happy.

Over and out.  Back at it. 

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Kaden and Sydney's Mom said...

Hang in there, Allison. Hugs to all of you! So glad both of your girls are on the road to recovery.