Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama's Day

There is absolutely no one on earth I'd rather be than "mama" to these two little girls.  No one.  May they always know that my love for them is fierce, unconditional, and unending.  Knock-me-to-my-knees and take-my-breath-away kind of love.  Unending.  Powerful.  Amazing.  

Who doesn't love a zerbert?
I'm so lucky to be their mama.  

Happy Mother's Day to MY mom too -- the lady that showed me how to be a mom -- who modeled "fierce" and "unconditional" love for me and my brother day after day.   A woman who showed me how to be an advocate.  A woman from whom I could still stand to learn a little bit about advocating "gracefully" rather than "bullishly."   A woman who has shown me how to be a mom and friend all at the same time.   A woman I could not live without.   I love you, Gigi.  We all do.  

Gigi and Mia, Fall 2011
Gigi, PawPaw and Sammie, Summer 2011

Did you ever wonder how a child ended up with a specific mother? According to Sufi mysticism, the soul of the child looks down at the world and sees every soul that resides in every woman. When she finds the one that will be able to help her fulfill his life's purpose, she makes her choice.

I picked a good soul, no question.  I only hope my girls grow up to love and adore me as much as I do her (and to know how very deeply I adore them, to know that they knock my socks off, every single day, just by being exaclty who they are.).  

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Kate Sherwood said...

I like the Sufi mysticism concept.

Happy (sort of belated) Mother's Day!

Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living