Thursday, November 15, 2012

You're One (and then some!)

Dearest Mia Mia, 

Let me first say this . . . the timing of my birthday letter to you (one month late) is a reflection of nothing more than how busy life has been.  As a second child myself, I remember once finding my baby book and my older brother's baby book and feeling so sad that my mom had spent so much more time on his.  I now know that that was a reflection only of the fact that she was busier by the time I came around.  Busy hugging, cuddling, loving two instead of just one.  Busy watching my brother and I become friends.  Busy with so many wonderful things. 

Just as we've been busy!  Busy laughing, giggling, smiling, hugging, celebrating (birthdays!), busy watching you and your sister fall more and more in love with each other everyday.  Watching you greet her in the morning with your biggest smile of the day, a hug and a kiss. Busy watching the two of you become friends (with the usual sister quarrels over toys thrown in!).  The moments when you spontaneously hug or kiss her (or she does the same to you or she says, "I love you Mia Mia") are the moments that keep me going even on my worst days. You truly are like the perfect little puzzle piece that made this little family of three into four.  

My love, our year with you has been so, so busy, but so, so full of wonderful. 

You are the most energetic, curious and busy little girl I know.  You amaze and amuse me every single day over and over.  As we all sit in the den each night and play after dinner, you are up exploring things.  Throwing things (non-trash items!) in the trash can (we now check the trash for those items before taking it out as a matter of habit), hiding toys in cabinets, climbing on everything.  You are Miss Independent.  It is incredible, and I marvel at you.  But you wonder around the room, being so independent, yet every few minutes, you swing by one of us for a quick hug and kiss before you are back off again.  Those frequent hugs and kisses, the ones that are all your idea, are one of my most favorite parts of being your mama.  

You have a coy little smile that lights up my world.  When I come home (or walk into the room) and you see me, that smile spreads across your face, and you come toddling toward me, arms outreached . . . and my heart melts.  Over and over.  

A few months ago, when we realized you were officially a full-time walker, I finally took you out to have your feet measured and buy some shoes.  We got you sparkly maryjanes and some hot pink tennis shoes, and you LOVE them.  That night, you kept going and getting one of your shoes and handing it to me and throwing your feet up in the air like "put them on, woman!"   I'm pretty sure you are gonna have style, my girl!

You do everything big, my love.  You smile big, you laugh big (though infrequent -- you actually smile all the time, but don't laugh often, but when you do, its a full on belly laugh), you eat big (we haven't found a food you wouldn't try, and getting samples at Costco is a day in heaven for you!), you throw big temper tantrums, you hug big (and often), you love big, and without even trying, you've inspired and motivated your sister in a big way.   My girl, you just do life in a big, big way, and we love that about you.  

Mia, like most moms that have more than one child, I think I worried before I knew you how I'd find room in my heart to love two girls. But you know what?  It really was as if (as everyone said it would be) the second you were born, my heart just multiplied infinitely in size.  The amount of love I have for you and your sister is incredible to me -- there are no words -- but the every day moments with each of you, the my-hearts-so-full-i-think-it-might-burst moments, never stop coming, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I love you my littlest girl. I hope you keep doing life in your BIG Mia Mia way.  You have an energy about you that is indescribable, and I marvel at you every single day.  And I know, you are just going to keep on giving us moments to marvel.  

Mia, Mia, happy first birthday my darling!

Your ever lovin' mama

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