Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stubborn Little Rockstar

See this girl?  See that long hall behind her?  This picture was taken as she was just walking down the hall in a walker.  She CAN do it.  Now, why, why, why do we only get "no, no, no" from her if we so much as mention trying the walker at home?!   I sure hope our PT is right, who keeps telling me, "three is a hard age, so much defiance, so much stubborn, four is so much easier for therapy . . . you'll see!"   It is so hard because we have (of course) this greater goal in mind when we try to get her into the walker, a goal that we know would give her such independence and mobility, so we can't help but feel defeated when she flat refuses to even try, especially because we believe with everything in us that she can do it.  And then, I see this picture, I see her DOING it, and I know she CAN.   She is a rockstar.  A stubborn little rockstar, but a rockstar.  (She clearly gets BOTH of those qualities from me ;o))  She makes me so very, very happy and proud. 

And then there was this - her little note home from school about her day, and what she'd done with her school PT's assistance:  "I climbed up a ladder, walked over a bridge, and went down the stairs.  I rock!"  Oh yes, you do my girl.  Yes, you do.

You rock!


marie clare said...

Is that the kidwalk A? Ryan uses it in school too, I think they find it easier to push instead of the cumbersome pacer\
Ive a confession, we have given up on the walker at home, just too much stress for all involved, he does walk alot holding one or 2 hands though and does much better at that.

Erica said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sammie B! She is most definitely a rockstar :)

schlennerfamilyof4 said...

Yay, Sammie! Look at her walk that long hallway. I also would agree 3 was horrible. It was not terrible 2 it was terrible 3 and it sort of continues in the 4's.