Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

This is one of those pictures that I look at and smile and think my heart might just explode with love.

Our weekday mornings can be stressful.  B leaves ridiculously early for work so I get myself ready for work, get Sammie B ready for preschool, and get little Mia ready for her day (some days that's daycare, and I take her and drop her off, or on Thursdays, she gets to spend the day with Sammie B and our nanny.  PS.  She loves her daycare and I'm convinced we made the right choice there).  On an ideal morning, I actually get myself out of bed long before either of them are up and I can get myself all ready (make-up on, hair blown dry, and actually *look* put together), go downstairs, make a bottle for Mia and chocolate milk (read: protein shake) for Sammie B and pack up everybody's bags and load the car and then go up and wake the girls.  Those mornings rarely happen.   But sometimes, they do. 

Some mornings, Mia wakes before Sam so I have her with me when I go into wake Sam, and I'll lay Mia in Sam's bed with her bottle while I get Sam dressed.  On those mornings, the second Sam's eyes open and she sees Mia, she says, "Mia - Sammie B's BED!" and gets really excited to have her sister in her bed with her (until Mia starts mouthing Sammie B's Dora pillow, then things tend to fall apart; we're talking about sharing and we've let Sam pick ONE thing that's so special to her that she doesn't have to share it - and she picked the Dora pillow, so usually Sam wants me to move it away from Mia in bed, which works).   On those mornings, I dress both girls for the day in Sammie B's room.  

Other mornings (like today), Mia's still sleeping when I go in to wake Sam and get her ready for school.  On those mornings, Sammie B asks for Mia, and I show her Mia sleeping on our video monitor and then when Mia does wake up, Sammie B demands "Sammie B - Mia's little bed!" and I go put Sam in Mia's crib with her and both are delighted.  On those mornings, I dress everybody in Mia's room. 

Today, after I got them both dressed, I put them both in "Mia's little bed" and Mia was trying to rip Sammie B's glasses off of her face, and Sammie was pushing Mia away and yelling "No, Mia, IT MINE!" and it was a perfect sort of mayhem.  Then, I got my phone out to take a picture, pulled Mia's arm away from Sammie B's face (and glasses) and said, "NO Mia, those are Sammie's and we don't take off Sammie's glasses," and then looked at Sammie B and said, "Sam, I know she's annoying you and you want to push her away, but mama just wants ONE really really cute, sweet picture."  Without skipping a beat, both girls just looked right at me and flashed their winning smiles, and I got this.


Heart melting perfection.

And, you know what?  Even though 5 minutes later, I got spit up on wearing my only clean, straight-from-the-drycleaners dress that fits me well, and then got in my car and realized I had no gas (Papa: 4 miles), and had to get gas, drop Mia off and make it to work for an early call . . . my morning went off without a hitch and I smiled the whole way, thinking of these sweet faces.  And, now several hours later, I'm still staring at this picture (in between working) and smiling. 


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Love this!

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i love it when our messy lives are just good for a minute or two! yay!