Friday, June 24, 2011

Her Dada (In Honor of Daddy's Day)!

Ellen, over at Love That Max, recently did a post on the topic of Why Dads of Special Needs Kids Rock . . .

I read the post and while many of the comments resonated with me (Ellen had dads themselves write in with their reasons why they rocked), I thought this one summed up my B the best (and I hope its author doesn't mind me pasting here - I'm linking up!)

"Mothers are nurturing, healing, comforting and when needed, can be a ferocious mother bear. Fathers are the rock. The source for strength and leadership. The father's role is to lead by example. To instill values, morals, determination and will without having to speak a word about them. When our children are diagnosed with a special need, that strength is greatly challenged. It's in these times that the father either falters or shows his greatest strength stands up to the challenge. When that happens, you know, without a doubt, that his child will turn out just fine. That father has taken the hardest, biggest and most important step to being the rock, source of strength and leader that the child will grow up to learn from. That's a comforting thought." —Stuart Duncan, Autism From A Father's Point of View

B doesn't just rock -- B IS my rock. Our rock. He's the wind in my sails when life sucks it out of me. He's the calm to my storm. He's the one who can look at me and say "I'm not worried," and somehow, my own worry melts away.

But, here's the thing . . . B doesn't rock (and isn't just my rock) because our kiddo has some different needs. He rocks because it is who he is. "Dada" just fits him. And oh how our girl loves him. (She said this morning he's her best friend . . . I didn't cry toooo much because I know that on another day, she might answer "mama," but really? Their relationship is pretty magical, like her.).

I've said it here before, I'm often amazed and envious at B's ability to roll with the punches, to put worry aside and just play and have fun and live in the moment. I'm lucky to be traveling this road beside him, because he's the one that continually reminds me to do the same. And for that, and for him, my rock, I'm oh-so-grateful. Sammie B is lucky to call this man "dada," just as we are lucky (beyond lucky!) to call her "ours."

To B - there's no one else I'd rather walk this journey with. And to our sweet Sammie B - your dada and I are so very blessed to walk YOUR journey with you. To hold your hand when you need it, to giggle with you, to hold you, to love you. To be YOURS.

To my rock, and my bee - you both rock. And I love you both with all my heart.


Erica said...

so so special and sweet!

Kimberly said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! You have a lovely family!

Sarah said...

Great post! Love all the pics!!!

Jen said...

You have such a beautiful family, and I see another on the way ;o))

Thank you so much for following along with Aviana, what you said was so incredibly right. You know. You understand ;o)

I wish you every happy thought on your journey of expanding your family!